Is keratoconus common?

Keratoconus οραση με κερατόκωνο is actually a intensifying eyesight condition, which means it worsens after a while. If you are living with keratoconus, your cornea is thinner than normal and will begin to bulge since it thins further. This altered corneal shape deflects light-weight as it’s highly processed with the eyes, which immediately leads to altered eyesight.

Keratoconus can occur at any age, but sometimes it is neglected until finally late their adult years. It should not be reversed but keratoconus remedies are available to assist correct the patient’s sight.

Keratoconus Signs or symptoms

Symptoms of keratoconus include:



Blurred vision

Sensitivity to glare

Awareness to light-weight

Regular changes in eyeglass prescription

When you display a variety of these signs or symptoms, you might be known as a keratoconus specialist being analyzed further more.

Keratoconus Remedies

There is no one particular-size-matches-all approach to keratoconus considering that it is a modern problem. Therapy depends on the condition of the cornea at prognosis, other existing vision disorders, and several additional factors.

Here are the most common keratoconus therapies:

Corneal Transplant

This is the most radical keratoconus treatment method choice. Those individuals who decide to experience a corneal transplant have experimented with various other treatments without the need of good results. Right after a corneal transplant, eyeglasses or connections will still be needed to right sight.

Custom Contacts

These contact lenses are fully tailored, created to match the patient’s specific and different eyesight shape. When compared with regular camera lenses, these are generally larger, to accommodate the keratoconic contact lenses conical form.

“Piggybacking” Contacts

This method consists of installing two diverse contacts about the same eyesight. Normally, this can present a difficulty when it comes to ample air getting to the eye, so the installing method is done with extremely cautious attention, usually at the keratoconus center.


This process is normally applied when patients no longer see results right after making use of remedial spectacles and contacts. Intacs are corneal implants positioned inside the peripheral cornea by way of surgical procedures. Their target is always to reshape the frontmost portion of the eyesight, in order to proper sight. Also, they are detachable.

There are various other keratoconus remedies available, such as various types of contact lenses and surgical treatments.

Keratoconus Details and Stats

Will you live with keratoconus or have a friend who does? Below are a few significant statistics and facts.

Keratoconus is considered a “rare” condition. It impacts 1 in 2,000 people.

Many individuals go several years without knowing that keratoconus is the reason for their altered perspective.

Those with keratoconus should check out their eye doctor every 6 months to track the disease’s development.

The main cause of keratoconus is not known.

Rubbing or wiping your vision is thought to be one particular reason for keratoconus, and it also definitely makes the problem even worse.

Keratoconus, despite as being a progressive sickness, does not trigger blindness. Additionally, it carries a potential for stabilizing after some many years.

The common optometrist is just not also-versed in keratoconus as being a professional can be. Remember this when searching for therapy.